Rise from Mediocre to Magnificent at

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Marcus Pearce

Founder – Exceptional Life Blueprint
CEO – The Wellness Couch


June 3-4, Melbourne

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Join inspirational speaker & mentor, Marcus Pearce, for an EXCEPTIONAL weekend in Melbourne.

Create your unique blueprint in each area of life…

Life Purpose & Career Movement Social Life Nutrition Love & Relationships Growth Wealth Spirituality Productivity

2 for 1 Early Bird Tickets $697 Regular Price $1497

This is a weekend just for YOU. A weekend for you to create your Exceptional Life Blueprint without the distraction of dishes, laundry, phone calls, school drop off, deadlines, chores and other day-to-day duties.

This is a weekend to TRANSFORM from Mediocre to Magnificent on every single level of your life.

This is a weekend to create lifelong friendships with incredible people from all over the world.

This is a weekend you wish would continue forever.

This is ELB Live.

2 for 1 Early Bird Tickets $697 ** Regular Price $1497

** Limited Allocation

Praise For ELB Live

MP’s compelling content & non-salesy approach is fantastic. I love his energy, enthusiasm and bulletproof blueprint system that made me run home and note down the bones of my own system.

Sam G

Wow! I learnt so much! Key points – change my language and self-talk. Forgive myself and don’t feel guilty!


I loved the entire experience. You are super engaging. The sessions and clips were highly informative and interesting. The entire weekend was so well put together. Thank you!

Jodie S

This weekend has been an awakening for me. I need to switch off a little more and not let my emotions rule my being.

Warren B

This weekend I gained clarity and direction on not only my life purpose, which was why I came, I also linked heart with head, allowing me to “get out of my head” to up level in all areas of my life.

Laura H

I loved ELB Live! I’ve learnt the importance about filling my own tank in order to give to others.

Natalie R

“An incredible journey.”

“This weekend has been life-changing.”

“You are super engaging.”

Schedule of events

Saturday June 3, 9am – 6pm

Create Your First 4 Blueprints

“Do What You Love & Love What You Do”

Get out of the rat race or a job that “pays the bills”. Get clear on exactly WHAT you were born to DO with your life AND who you were born to BE. Overcome the fear of LIVING your Life Purpose each day and leave ELB Live with the confidence to live it.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“Go From Movement Being A Lifestyle CHORE To A Lifestyle CHOICE”

Uncover an Exceptional WHY and PURPOSE for moving regularly. Learn the consequences you and your loved ones will suffer from NOT moving regularly. Define where you are NOW. Learn the THREE essential movements for a great, long life.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“You Become Who You Hang Around”

So who are you hanging around? Discover the hidden health benefits of an exceptional social life. Complete an audit on your peer group and create a blueprint for how to cultivate incredible friendships and engagement with your community and humanity.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“Remove Any Obsession Over Food – Be It Emotional Eating Or Over Anal-ysing.”

Assess what impact food is playing in your life and what’s required to take your level of health to the next level. Learn the impact of “everything in moderation” and conversely the impact of living by a label.

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Sunday june 4, 9am – 6pm

Create Your Final 4 Blueprints

“Every Communication Is An Expression Of Love.”

Define your values, learn your love language, identify your rules and limiting beliefs and get really clear on what’s required in order to majorly improve the relationships in your life.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying.”

Define the difference between active and passive learning and put a plan in place to continually improve and apply what you learn. Define what you LOVE to learn and create an exceptional plan to experience it.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“Spend Less Than You Earn & Invest The Difference.”

People are spending 151% of their income and have no idea of their net worth. Learn the 20 timeless principles of wealth and how much it truly costs to run YOU Pty Ltd or YOUR FAMILY Pty Ltd.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

“I Have No Room For Pessimism Or Hate.”

Learn from some of the most horrific moments in humanity and the truly inspiring stories of ordinary people that demonstrate how limitless the soul really is and how life really is the greatest teacher of unconditional love.

Watch The Video To Find Out More

2 for 1 Early Bird Tickets $697 Regular Price $1497

** Limited Allocation

Frequently Asked Questions


What time does the ELB live begin?

ELB Live begins at 9am on Saturday June 3 and concludes at 6pm on Sunday June 4. Each day has three breaks – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (food not provided).

Will my dietary requirements be looked after?

Absolutely. Whilst food is not provided over the weekend you will be provided with a complete list of healthy and flexible eateries. We will go out for dinner together on Saturday night (optional) to a wonderful restaurant that caters to absolutely anyone.

Where is the event held?

The event is held at the iconic Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The MCEC is located at 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf. In the week leading up to the event you will be notified of the exact room, entry door, etc.

How do I get to the venue?

If you are coming from interstate you are best to stay in the Melbourne CBD. The Hilton South Wharf and the Crown Metropol are our two recommendations for hotels. Alternatively, you can AirBnB something in Melbourne.

Is the event close to shops and accommodation?

Yes! This is one of the biggest reasons for holding ELB Live at this beautiful venue. It is close to EVERYTHING in Melbourne. Great restaurants and cafes, DFO South Wharf for the shoppers, the Yarra for a great walk, and adjacent to the Hilton South Wharf and Crown.


Can I bring my partner or teenage children along?

Absolutely! ELB Live is a great event to do with your life partner. Children 16 years of age and older are also encouraged to attend. If you are looking to bring the ELB philosophy into the workplace, this weekend is an ideal event to bring colleagues along to.

What is the program of events?

On Saturday you’ll create your first 4 Blueprints – Life Purpose, Movement, Social Life & Nutrition. On Sunday you’ll create Blueprints for your Productivity, Love & Relationships, Growth, Wealth & Spirit.

What is the refund policy?

You have a 3-day cooling off period (100% refund) from the time of your purchase. After that, your ticket is 100% transferrable to anyone else OR a future ELB Live event. No refunds are provided once the 3-day cooling off period expires.

If I have a question that's not here, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to hello@marcuspearce.com.au and one of our team will get back to you within 1 business day.

Marcus Pearce

Marcus Pearce believes niching your business is essential, but niching your life is disastrous.

Marcus is the CEO of Australia’s #1 health and lifestyle podcast network The Wellness Couch and in 2014 created the Exceptional Life Blueprint – a company dedicated to helping people rise from mediocre to magnificent in each area of life (and not just one).

In a former life Marcus Pearce was a workaholic journalist, radio and television producer in the sports industry. That life also included years as a smoking, binge-drinking, overweight, pimply statistic-waiting-to-happen.

The beginning of the revolution came when he met his now-wife Sarah, a wellness chiropractor. Embarking not just on a magnificent relationship but a complete lifestyle and philosophical change, Marcus began to slowly take away his least healthy habits and replace them with life-extending, empowering ones.

The transformation from an addicted smoker to extreme (not necessarily healthy) vegan (sometimes raw) and now back again to somewhere in the middle has taken him on an incredible journey where he’s met, learnt from and worked with a range of leaders in the health and empowerment world including leading doctors, chiropractors, dentists and Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Eddie McGuire.

Marcus is passionate about teaching people not to silently approve what we read in the papers and online, watch on TV and listen to on the radio. Instead, Marcus is about relentlessly challenging people to be their own person, their own “scientific researcher”, their own creator of health, so that they can live their life on their own terms and not someone else’s.

Marcus spreads his message through his online programs, podcasts, live events and retreats, 1:1 mentoring and more.

Marcus lives just outside of Byron Bay with Sarah and their three children Maya, Darby & Tommy.

More Praise For ELB Live

What an awesome experience! I loved the depth of the content, the balanced perspective and the beautiful people I met and shared this weekend with. I learnt so many tools to organise areas of my life and found solutions to so many questions to ask myself when I’m stuck or feeling unmotivated.

Christine B

ELB Live exceeded my expectations. It re-kindled my motivation, gave me the tools to achieve results, and pushed me to step closer to being my authentic self and living life to the fullest.

Shannon C

This weekend has been life-changing. I learnt I’m never too old to start anything. I now have things in place to move daily, take control of my finances and to bring me time to my day – every day.

Katie H

Loved the weekend. Removing emotion when scheduling goals was a great point and not taking things so literally.

Jenna D

What an incredible weekend! Marcus, thanks for being a wonderful role model, father, husband and friend.

Clair W

I’m taking home inspiration and challenge to break down goals into practical chunks that I can make happen!

Naomi J

It was great to socialise with other people who have journeyed through one life purpose goal to another because they showed me that it can be done.

Madayanti R

Thank you so much Marcus. I didn’t know what to expect over the weekend and totally loved the entire weekend. I learned how to make myself accountable in all 8 areas of an exceptional life.

Nola H

After these two days I have clarity on what I need to do and my priorities. I found that my life purpose is not the job or a business. It’s the vehicle for me to live an enjoyable life with friends and family but also realise I like helping people in my job.

Goran S

I really really enjoyed ELB Live and I learnt a lot about myself, accepting others for the way they are and that’s OK. The content was fantastic. I really liked that it was upbeat and refreshing.

Lauren M

2 for 1 Early Bird Tickets $697 ** Regular Price $1497

** Limited Allocation